Jad Jarbouh


Jad's journey in real estate is as diverse as it is fascinating. Starting his career selling suits at Moores, he quickly transitioned into the world of Real Estate with a solid background in construction.

For Jad, being a real estate agent is more than just a profession; it's a passion rooted in the thrill of seeing ideas transform into reality. Whether it's finding the perfect commercial space for a business venture or guiding individuals through the process of buying their dream home, rest assured you will be his priority.

So, if you're ready to embark on your property adventure with someone who's genuine, insightful, and dedicated to your vision, Jad is your go-to guy.

"Worked with Jad on finding a retail space and he was absolutely great. Very professional, consistent and more importantly, persistent. Thanks again for finding the right space!"

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We'll make a great team if..

  • You want someone that is as invested in your dream as you are.
  • You value someone who makes complicated steps feel easy.
  • You want to work with someone that will make you feel like their #1 priority.
  • You value someone that has been in, and knows the construction industry.
  • You want Europe trip recommendations (Ps: it's always going to be "go to the Nürburgring in Germany")

Get to know Jad Jarbouh

Meet Jad! He's the kind of person who tackles life head-on with ambition and a sense of adventure, but at the same time, they've got a heart of gold and a playful, silly side. They're always up for a game of Catan, which he'll describe as "like Monopoly, but with a little bit of Risk". One of Jad's passions is restoring his 1973 BMW 2002, showing his love for classic cars and craftsmanship. And when things get tough, Jad's the first to remind you to "Just keep swimming," channeling his inner Dory for a bit of positivity.


"Jad guided us in finding our first home with expertise in home construction, ensuring we made a sound investment. He tirelessly searched for properties meeting our criteria, even in challenging weather. Jad's transparency and guidance through the buying process made it smooth, and I highly recommend him for his commitment to his clients' best interests. Thanks, Jad!"

Alex M.
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