Top 5: Things to do with the Kids During Lockdown

By Kala Gray
Updated Feb 1, 2021

  • Bring back game night: Pick a night and designate it as game night. Play a board game or card game
  • Build a lockdown tent: break out the blankets and pillows and turn a room into a lockdown tent. Fill it with fun toys, books and stuff to keep kids busy while you’re on a zoom call.
  • Put on a talent show or rehearse a play. Kids love to showcase their talents so let them perform a lipsync for you or rehearse a play they created. Make sure to pop some popcorn and have some dimming or lighting effects to make it feel like a real show
  • Go to a virtual museum! Yes, it’s true museums are offering virtual tours! Google virtual museum tours to find a museum!!
  • Incorporate your kids in a workout routine. Search for a kid-friendly yoga video and get them involved. Get them a yoga mat too so they can have their own space to workout.
  • Grow an indoor garden: Kids love watching things grow, especially when their actions are causing the growth. Check out Pinterest for cool ways to grow veggies or herbs indoors! They also have cool food chemistry ideas too!

We know it’s hard for parents during lockdown to get work done and also connect with the kids. So make sure to carve out some time to get down and dirty with them, but then also have spaces for them to go where they can play on their own or with minimal supervision when you need to get stuff done.

If it’s possible, give them small “work tasks” to complete to help you work. This can be a real help or giving them papers to “organize” for you. A good idea for older children is to have a red light green light approach to playtime and noise. Have a green or red paper circle on your door. When the green light is up they can come in and play and make noise, when the red light is up it means quiet play.