Top 5: Things to Do in Ottawa Before it Gets Cold!


Hey Top 5ers! The sun has gotten HOT and summer is most certainly in full swing. Before you know it, we’ll be waving goodbye to the good weather in our rear-view mirrors and gearing up for the cold winter ahead!

But all is not lost! Summer isn’t over yet and there’s still time to enjoy all that this wondrous season has to offer here in Ottawa before the weather gets cold again. So, in this blog, we’re going to be sharing the top five things to do in Ottawa before the weather goes from sunshine & rainbows to grey clouds & snowflakes!

It’s time to make the most of our final days of Summer and take advantage of all the warm weather we still have remaining. Ottawa has some of the best sights and sounds Canada has to offer, so don’t miss out!

Here are our top five things to do in Ottawa before it gets cold outside.


Major’s Hill Park

Located near the Ottawa River, as well as several churches, museums, and other landmarks, Major’s Hill Park is all that a summer picnic’s dream is made of. With beautifully manicured gardens that boast flowers of every colour of the rainbow, and views galore (including views of the famous Parliament Hill, Major’s Hill Park is a must-visit In Ottawa for those seeking a quiet, relaxing park perfect for leisurely reading, walks, and picnics with friends.

Best of all? It’s free of charge! Check out the website here!


Carp Farmers Market

If you haven’t yet visited the Carp Farmers Market in Fair Ground, Carp, it’s about time that you do! Entering its 31st season, this quaint farmers market is open Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. during the months of May to October, making it a great 1- day activity to do before Ottawa gets cold again!

The best thing about this flea market is that there is something here for everyone. In addition, there are always fun events, activities, and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy; from horse racing competitions and fishing shows, outdoor vendors and concessions, you’ll be sure to enjoy your day at the Carp Farmers Market.

Visit their website here!


Ottawa Locks

Ever heard of the Ottawa Locks? In short, the Ottawa Locks act as a link between the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal and have been in operation since 1832! That fact alone should tickle any history buff’s fancy…

So, if you’re looking to pass some time on a nice day and watch some boats arrive and depart in the calm waters of the Rideau Canal, take a tour down to the Ottawa Locks. The Rideau Canal National Historic Site even puts off walking tours for those with a mind for knowledge and history.

Check out more details regarding this historic site here!


Britannia Beach

Summer isn’t a Summer without a visit or two to the beach. To make the most out of your 2021 summer, why not treat yourself to arguably the best beach Ottawa has to offer? Comprising of picnic tables, barbecue pits, and volleyball nets, Britannia Beach is the epitome of the perfect summer’s day.

To make things even better, the beach is extremely close to a hideaway ice cream parlour that serves up some pretty unique offerings.

So bask in the sun before it’s too late!


Jabulani Vineyards & Winery

Last but not least, it’s a must to raise a glass to good times and better weather while we still can. After all, we’re in Canada – this weather doesn’t last forever! If you have wheels to get there, Jabulani Vineyard & Winery is about 30 minutes outside of Ot- tawa and they’re open all summer long.

So take a tour, or take advantage of their FREE wine tasting. Whatever you choose, it’s so worth it.

Check them out here!


Hopefully, you have the time to check out some of these activities before the weather gets cold. Stay safe, and keep healthy. Until next time, Top 5ers!