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Once upon a time, in the heart of Ottawa, a pair of ambitious real estate professionals had a vision. They wanted to create a team that was unlike any other – a team that would prioritize client satisfaction, foster a welcoming community, and innovate the industry.

And so, in 2020, RE/MAX Boardwalk was born. But what really made Boardwalk so special? I sat down with Peter Bastedo and Trevor Clark, the owners of Boardwalk to learn more about their journey.

How did you two meet? Was it solely business-related or something that just happened by chance?

We met at REALTOR® school in 2010, back when in-person classes were a requirement. Pete stood out as the front-of-the-class, teachers’ pet type, having completed six years of university. After a lunch meet-up, we hit it off, and the rest is history.

Once you graduated, did you start working together right away?

Initially, I worked with a team in Ottawa, while Trev worked independently. Real estate can be lonely, even within a team, as everyone was quite independent. To combat this, Trev and I started meeting for weekly lunches to discuss our challenges and share ideas about working on a team versus being solo. After two years, we formed the Clark and Bastedo team, consisting of just the two of us.

Do you remember what it was like when you posted your first listing video with yourself in it?

We made a lifestyle video featuring three waterfront listings, which was a fresh departure from the typical slideshow videos at that time. Being passionate about creativity and providing our clients with the best, we took a bold step. Our views soared, and clients loved it. Some agents didn’t grasp this new marketing approach, and there was backlash. We believed in introducing a concept of marketing that showcased the lifestyle of the houses, and I’m glad we did!

How come you didn’t only just stick with the name Clark and Bastedo?

Creating an inclusive team was paramount to us, where everyone feels like a co-owner. To ensure equal representation, we make decisions at a round table. In real estate, it’s common for teams to bear only one owner’s name, which can overshadow the individual agents’ identities. We wanted to change that, allowing every team member to be seen and empowered to market themselves along with us.

When you were creating Boardwalk, did you have a specific branding or style in mind?

For us, authenticity and individuality were top priorities. Wearing a suit for work? That’s just not who we are, and it’s crucial for our clients to know the real us. Embracing our true selves is at the core of our approach. We believe in being human, genuine, and doing what is best for our clients. Fortunately, our branding effortlessly reflects this because it’s a true representation of who we are. What you see on camera is precisely what you’ll get in person – no filters. We suck at acting.

You guys have worked together for a really long time. That’s not something you see a lot in the real estate world. What would you say is the key to that success?

Easy. There’s no micromanaging or telling each other what to do; we genuinely want to see each other succeed. This mutual support drives us to work hard, not just for ourselves but for one another. It’s a mindset that extends across the entire Boardwalk team – we cheer each other on, fostering a positive and supportive environment. We take pride in creating a workplace where people genuinely enjoy coming to work and spending time with their co-workers. This industry is highly competitive, but for us, building strong friendships within our team is a vital aspect of our success. We don’t look short term.

Did you ever see yourself creating something that has become such an intricate thing in so many peoples lives?

Our ultimate dream was to create something that could genuinely enrich people’s lives in a positive way. The joy of sharing our passion with others is truly immeasurable, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have connected with like-minded individuals who share the same drive. It’s fascinating to look back and see that we had a list of TikTok ideas way back in 2014, long before TikTok even existed! As we move forward, we’re eagerly anticipating all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. The journey is far from over, and we’re thrilled to see what the future holds.

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into real estate or starting their own business?

Reflecting on the journey, there’s not a whole lot we’d change. Finding a strong mentor or a supportive team becomes the cornerstone of success. Asking questions isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s simply the best way to stay out of a lawsuit! Dedicate yourself to delivering exceptional hospitality to clients; it’s a vital factor. And when it comes to personal branding, dare to step outside your comfort zone while others play it safe. But most importantly, if you take yourself too seriously, no one will take YOU seriously.

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